Work Study Opportunity – Teaching English

Work Study Opportunity – Teaching English

For all AUCP Aix students interested in enhancing their résumé in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), the AUCP offers, free of charge, a TEFL Certificate course as part of its advanced French immersion/liberal arts program.

With the 30-hour TEFL Certificate Program, students will learn to teach the four basic skills of language acquisition (speaking, listening, writing and reading), plus an assortment of language-teaching games and exercises especially adapted to school age children (12-18 years old). Students will also acquire substantial knowledge in lesson planning, classroom interaction patterns, basics of grammar, common learner errors, and correction techniques.


The TEFL program combines 15 hours of pedagogical training and a required minimum of 15 hours of paid teaching practice. Students earn 15€ per hour and, depending on their schedule and motivation, they may work up to 20 hours a week, earning from 225€ to 1,500€ during the semester.


In order to qualify for this opportunity, students must be enrolled at the AUCP full-time and have requested and obtained a Long-stay Student Visa with the French Immigration Form (OFII) option, which allows them to work temporarily in France. This visa option costs no more to obtain but engenders a required 58€ medical visit once in France, organized by French immigration services. The required form is available on-line on all French consulate websites. This visa process is explained in full to all AUCP students in their acceptance material.