What are Summer Students Saying About AUCP Study Abroad?

What are Summer Students Saying About AUCP Study Abroad?

If you asked our Summer students what their semester with the AUCP in Provence was like, most of them would likely agree that it was both a romantic and productive experience! Some of them would first mention their great improvements in the French language, others would share how much they enjoyed their stay with their host family or the discovery of French culture . . .  Here is what they have to say!

The Setting: Aix-en-Provence

Café sur le cours Mirabeau à Aix-en-Provence

Aix-en-Provence is a very charming city abundant with art, culture, restaurants, and night life. 

– Emily Bassett, Claremont McKenna College

Aix was the perfect city to study in. It’s small and intimate but at the same time has so much to do! There are so many hidden streets and great restaurants to explore, as well as a lively night-life of people of all ages!

– Merissa DeFalcis, Texas Christian University

Aix is charming and authentic. It is small enough where you are likely to see someone you know, but big enough to be a real city. It is beautiful and the AUCP campus is equally as charming. 

– Kristi Rhead, Johns Hopkins University


Individual Placement Immersion Homestay

Individual placement Immersion Homestay

One of the most enriching and fulfilling aspects of my experience. Initially, I was quite nervous about staying with a host family, but I learned so much about French culture and about myself in situations of adaption to a new environment that wasn’t familiar at first. 

– Sarah Baum, Barnard College

The homestay was an advantage to this program, it felt more relaxed and felt as if I were a part of the family. It also really helps you become accustomed to how French people talk, think and live.

– Morgan John, Texas Christian University

I really loved being in a homestay—I would say it was the most rewarding part of my visit! It’s one of the key aspects of the language immersion, and a really cool and valuable experience. I definitely would not have had the same kind of experience without my host mom and her friends. 

– Genvieve McNamara, Fordham University


Language Partners


The language partner program was truly essential to my progress with the French language and my understanding of the culture. The program helps students integrate into the community in a manner unparalleled by other study abroad options. Furthermore, it can instigate friendships that last long after the program ends. 

– Elizabeth Kitt, Yale University

Talking to young French people is extremely helpful for learning the language and so much fun as well! This connection provided by the AUCP really helped me find my footing in Aix and a friendship.

– Simone Lavin, Yale University

A great introduction into making French friends! Fun experiences combined with lessons in language comprehension and culture. 

– Kristi Rhead, Johns Hopkins University

The language Partner Program is fantastic for improving your French. There’s no easier way to build a relationship with a native whom you can always ask to have a meal or take a day trip somewhere. Spending hours talking to a native speaker your age may be one of the best ways too.

– Alice Yang, Yale University


Your classes at AUCP

AUCP, Aix-en-Provence

Classes are small, hands-on and intensive, each day you learn something new and are tasked with a new challenge. They expect great things from you and push you to your language limits, overall, you will acquire new levels of understanding French writing, grammar and literature. 

– Morgan John, Texas Christian University

The classes at the AUCP will help you improve your French at an incredible rate. The teachers are extremely approachable and eager to help.

– Tiffany Lagerstrom, Scripps College

It is a much more practical class than one at University where you learn how to respond to daily situations. It’s wonderful to be taken on excursions and then write about them! My writing improved so much this summer. 

– Simone Lavin, Yale University

Teachers are passionate, dedicated and intense. I wish I could take them home with me!

– Kristi Rhead, Johns Hopkins University

Despite- or maybe because of- the fact that the French classes here are more like journalism and creative writing classes taught in French rather than language classes, I learned more vocabulary and grammar and gained greater intimacy with the French language in six weeks than I have with any of my previous year-long language courses. 

– Oriana Tang, Yale University

Will show you what it is really like to be a student in France- and it’s nothing like being a student in America. Your professors are resources who have their fingers directly on the pulse of the French language- let them help you learn! You don’t realize how much is missing from French classes in the US until you’ve had a really French French professor.

– Morgan Upchurch, Rice Univeristy


AUCP Experience in General

Le cours Mirabeau à Aix-en-Provence

It was an incredibly challenging experience—the language contract caused me to speak, think and even dream in French—but it was also incredibly rewarding! 

– Tiffany Lagerstrom, Scripps College

Come to AUCP ready to learn different mannerisms, behaviors and customs that may feel initially uncomfortable but are aspects of a real French life. You will leave feeling integrated in a different culture which expands your world view.
You will be challenged academically and personally but it is worth it!

– Tiffany Lagerstrom, Scripps College

The staff really cares about your improvement in the French language. They do everything they can to help you find your “French feet”, but without smothering or mothering you. They left things somewhat of a challenge, and honestly I really enjoyed and appreciated that. It was a test of my abilities and as a result I feel I improved even more! 

– Morgan Upchurch, Rice University


Travel and Vacation Time

Tasting cheeses

Excursions were my favorite! Our assignments for the day were ‘try all the cheeses and choose your favorite’ and ‘describe the wine you just tasted’! The excursions were incredible! 

– Tiffany Lagerstrom, Scripps College

The excursions we took were probably one of my favorite parts of the AUCP experience. I loved getting to see sights, and interacting with locals contributed immensely to my improvements this summer

– Oriana Tang, Yale University


Would you like to spend a semester or year abroad, too? Registration is open for Spring 2017 and Summer 2017! The AUCP has a ‘‘rolling admissions’’ policy and thus does not have an official application deadline; however, places are limited and priority will be given to applications received by NOVEMBER 1st for the Spring semester, MARCH 15th for Summer. Take the chance: APPLY NOW, HERE!