What are Spring Students Saying About AUCP Study Abroad?

What are Spring Students Saying About AUCP Study Abroad?

Ca y est! Our Spring chickens have flown the coop – exams are over and the semester came to a close. Some are back in the US and some are exploring France and Europe. But before leaving, students shared some thoughts about their semester abroad. 

Being surrounded by so much culture, history and beauty every day just by walking outside was invigorating. There was always so much to discover. 

– Annalise Caviasco, Fordham University

Travelling alone was one of the coolest and most empowering experiences of my life. My experiences in Aix encouraged me to be open to new people and possibilities, which resulted in amazing adventures. I also had an instant connection with other French speakers abroad!

–Teresa Fleming, Grinnell College

Being in a homestay is an amazing experience. You get a firsthand look into the life of a French family, and you are constantly surrounded by the language, which incredibly improves your listening and comprehension skills.

– Annalise Boland, Carthage College

The community service aspect of the AUCP program made it so that I not only felt like I was giving back to the city and French people that welcomed me with open arms, I learned what I am truly capable of, taking my French language skills out into the world.

– Colleen L’Etoile, Providence College

With my French language partner Marjorie, I was able to take part in an activity she really loves; she let me see a little part of her world. We went rock climbing at the Calanques near Cassis and I got to see the activities real French students take part in, in Provence.

– Kellyn Simpkins, Fordham University

For my club, I tried fencing, and I loved it! I had the opportunity to meet an entirely different group of people, who are all amazing. I will definitely be keeping in contact with a few of them.

– Ana Martinez, Linfield College

Every class I took at the AUCP furthered my personal and cultural growth, in addition to helping me improve my French. The professors really care about your improvement and the courses are academically enriching.

– Madeline Beecher, GWU

I am, without a doubt, convinced that choosing AUCP as my study abroad experience was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Very few programs pay as much attention to language acquisition, cultural competency and integration. It has seriously been life changing.  

– Cameron Meyer-Mueller, Barnard College

I didn’t expect to make friends for life here, but I’m so happy with the solidarity and closeness I feel with everyone here. And it all happened IN FRENCH!!

– Sydney Tardrew, Grinnell College