Welcome Spring Students!

Welcome Spring Students!

Bienvenue! Last Monday, the AUCP welcomed its new group of students for our Spring semester.  All come with a minimum of high-intermediate French from the some of the top universities in the United States, such as:

Barnard College

Carthage College

Claremont McKenna College

Colby College

Cornell University


Daemen College

Fordham University

George Washington University

Grinnell College

Johns Hopkins University



Linfield College

Oberlin College

Pomona College

Providence College

Scripps College

After a weekend spent meeting their host families (and getting over jetlag), students began their week of orientation, tout en français.  Orientation is the foundation of the program, giving students the tools and information they need to succeed during their semester at the AUCP. Program director Lilli Engle and other AUCP staff conducted a city tour, discussed subjects such as cultural differences, reviewed practical French and shared other important info from how to sign up for a bus pass or how to get a cell phone in France.

While it’s certainly a busy week, orientation is an essential step towards full cultural integration. It opens the door for students to reach unprecedented levels of French fluency and intercultural competence over the course of their semester or year abroad, as well as a lasting connection with the people and places of in the South of France!


So what else is going on?

APERO! Friday night, students met their French language partners. Language partners are young French people with whom AUCP students can practice their colloquial French and learn about French youth culture, and often, these interactions turn into real friendships. Weekly meetings with a French language partner is an integral part of the AUCP French practicum, giving students a window into student life in Aix and Marseille. The evening began with drinks and snacks, an apéritif or apéro. We had a wonderful turnout, and over 60 language partners came together with our students in Aix & Marseille.  Then the newly-formed Franco-American group finished the evening out on the town.

CLASSES! Classes start today! With classes such as Archaeology and Provence, Culture & Business of French Wine, Painting and Drawing, France and North Africa and the Feminine French Archetype in Literature, students from many different backgrounds are sure to find class subjects that suit them to a T.

FIELD TRIPS! The AUCP classroom regularly extends well beyond its four walls to include local places, people and events – museums, open markets, exhibits, and performances. Full-day and half-day excursions include the neighboring cities of Avignon, Arles and the quaint villages of the Lubéron.

We look forward to what the semester has in store for us!

For more info on AUCP in Aix or in Marseille, click here.