We are HAPPY from Marseille!

We are HAPPY from Marseille!

Have you had enough of Happy?

Not us!

The Pharrell video phenomenon reached sunny Provence and left us with this very original and fun video of Happy people from Marseille.


This video is the work of French director Lasko, and took over a month to film and organize. It features more than 270 participants 100% Marseillais, including some very well-known faces – from television and radio personalities, sports, soccer and rugby stars, local business owners and personalities often seen in the Phocean city. The video was filmed in fifty different beautiful locations all over Marseille and was filmed with a GoPro and an iPhone flashlight! It was even chosen as one of the videos shown at the United Nation Foundation’s International Happiness Day, with Pharrell present! Below is the long version (8 minutes), but if you only have 4 minutes to spend checking out Marseille today, here is the link to the shorter version.

We love that this video shows how fun, vibrant, diverse and well, happy we are! And, we get to see some of the most beautiful views of France’s second city. What do you think? Do you think they accurately represent Marseille? Are you just itching to come visit?

Visit the Living in Provence section of our website to learn more about this fascinating region – voted by the French themselves as having one of the best qualities of life in the country! Oui oui, we are quite happy. 🙂