They’re Back! First Photos from AUCP Marseille Trip to Fez, Morocco

They’re Back! First Photos from AUCP Marseille Trip to Fez, Morocco

AUCP Marseille students have just returned from their week-long study tour in Fez, Morocco, an integral part of their curriculum. This year’s trip added a whole new facet to the experience, with an excursion to the Erfoud area of the Sahara Desert in the company of nomads! Complete with a camel trek, a traditional meal and a night spent in the desert with the nomad tribe, Marseille students experienced the splendor of the desert and Moroccan culture, tout en français!

This semester’s trip was truly a rich intercultural experience. I have to say that I’m incredibly proud of the students. They humbly adapted to a way of life so different from their own. The students had discussions with the Bedouins, debated with locals on the Islamic tradition of veiled women and lived in traditional Moroccan families…the trip was a perpetual confrontation with « otherness, » and in that sense, a profound intercultural learning experience that created solidarity within the group. – Sylvie Requemora, Marseille Resident Director

Click on the photos to enlarge, and see a slideshow of  our students’ week in Morocco!

More on Morocco, soon!

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