Marseille Students Off to Fez, Morocco

Marseille Students Off to Fez, Morocco

IMG_2074 An Intensive Week of On-site Study Starts Now

Next week , AUCP-Marseille students will use their knowledge of French and Arabic as well as their growing intercultural skills to access the mysteries of Fez, Morocco. Fez is home to the oldest continually operating university in the world, University of Karueein, founded in 859 AD. As the perfect complement to the AUCP-Marseille’s International Relations Program which focuses on Islam, France & North African relations, and immigrant identities, Fez offers a look at the heart of Islam in all its splendor and deep-rooted heritage. Protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site, Fez is a journey through time and history with its labyrinthine medieval medina and ancient Jewish quarter, all linked to the post-colonial Nouvelle Ville.

What Students Will LearnSR 395

Internationally renowned conference speakers will share their insight on the heritage and contemporary issues facing Fez, Morocco, and North Africa. Lectures and visits highlight the socio-economic climate, the legendary craftsmanship, the urbanization of poverty and wealth, and the role of women in Morocco. An organized discussion/debate with veiled women reveals the many personal, political, and religious reasons for their attachment to a way of being that is so superficially understood in the West.

ImmersionAUCP Marseille students in Fez, Marocco, spring 2006

AUCP Marseille students in Fez, Marocco, spring 2006All students benefit from individual placement in a French-speaking Moroccan host family, as well as the daily company of a French-speaking Moroccan student correspondent, present for all AUCP-organized excursions to local and regional sites such as the Roman city of Volubilis and the pre-historic Cedar Forest of Ifrane.

Full-year students may choose a 20-hour internship in a Moroccan non-profit organization as part of their Spring stay.

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