Summer 2016 Application Deadline Extended

Summer 2016 Application Deadline Extended

You now have until March 15 to take a big step towards EXCELLENCE.

You have already proven your interest in French. You can string sentences together and make yourself understood. That’s great… But why not say goodbye to the stagnant plateau of « high-intermediate » and go for true French fluency?  The AUCP knows how to take you there, and beyond!

Make France Part of Who you Are

AUCP program design allows you to develop both language and intercultural fluency. Built around the assumption that successful study abroad is not only serious course work but direct contact with the culture, all AUCP programs offer students a cross-cultural learning environment both inside and outside the classroom. Meaning more opportunities to make French friends, to get involved in the local community, and to truly live and understand the culture.

En plus, with the AUCP Summer Program you can earn 6 credits in 6 weeks! That’s the equivalent of two college classes, or one  year of French! Alors, qu’attendez-vous ???



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