Spring 2014 Made Impressive French Progress on the TEF!

Spring 2014 Made Impressive French Progress on the TEF!

Attention! TEF results are in! But wait, what’s a TEF?

Organized by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français) , created in 1998, is an internationally recognized certificate attesting to French language competence according to European norms, used for entrance into French Grandes Ecoles and by the Canadian Government. Independent testing such as this is an objective way to measure French progress over the course of a semester.

At the AUCP, students take the TEF at the beginning and end of each semester – in January and again in May.

TEF Graphs_Results Aix Spring 2014 AUCP

AUCP Spring 2014 students were the twenty-eighth group to take the TEF exam. Beginning the semester with a class average of 456 points, individual student scores all showed improvement. On average, our Spring students improved their scores by 141 points. That means their global progress in language acquisition averaged 32% of students’ achievable progress** (ie bridged 1/3 of the remaining gap that separates them from absolute native fluency!). Eighteen students gained one full level (A2 to B1, B1 to B2 or B2 to C1); and two of our students progressed by two levels!

Twenty out of twenty-eight students finished the semester with a level B2 or C1 – ACTFL Advanced or Superior* – an overall brilliant semester, and we’re exceedingly proud of our Spring 2014 students! Language progress like this is proof that immersion through the AUCP’s French Practicum works wonders on gaining competence in the French language.

Find more information on interpreting TEF scores* here. Gain a better understanding of **acheivable progress here.