Rugby in Provence

Rugby in Provence

During his semester abroad with the AUCP, University of Pennsylvania student Tabong Kima sought to continue a sport he began playing in college – rugby. As part of their personal interest activity requirement, AUCP students become part of the local community while doing something they love. Aix-en-Provence and Marseille offer a large variety of clubs, classes and activities that students can choose from, and students usually find that sharing in these activities is often the quickest, surest way to get to know French people naturally.

Tabong’s host father accompanied him to the local club fair, and Tabong discovered the local university’s rugby club. He shared with Le Blog his experience:

My first practice, I didn’t understand anything! The coach would say things but I just didn’t get it. But the others on the team realized that I was struggling and they explained things to me. I’ve gone to five or six practices now and I’m getting to know the guys on the team and even starting to joke around. Now that I’ve learned the basic rugby vocabulary, it’s a lot easier!

Tabong will attend rugby practice each week for the remainder of his stay in France – continuing to meet new people and discover the world of rugby in French.

Do you enjoy playing rugby? Here is some basic rugby vocab for our French students out there:

un ballon – ball

un rugbyman – rugby player

un arbitre – referee

un coup de pied – kick

un coup de pied de pénalité – penalty kick

une mêlée – scrum

un plaquage – tackle

Join the club! The AUCP personal interest activity requirement is part of « French Practicum » which is the cornerstone of all AUCP advanced French immersion programs. Personal interest activity fees are subsidized by the AUCP by up to 150€. The AUCP French Practicum consists of academic course work combined with experiential learning components (individual homestay, language partner, community service, personal interest activity …). It provides students with multiple opportunities for natural linguistic and cultural engagement & exchange, as well as a forum for « cultural mentoring », designed to facilitate learning through guided reflection on the students’ cultural experiences. To learn more about how the AUCP helps students immerse themselves in their community, visit our Immersion page on our website.