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Meet an AUCP Alum: Sophia

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Meet an AUCP Alum: Sophia

Now that you’re familiar with our “Meet an AUCP Student” series, check out the “Meet an AUCP Alum” series! First up is Sophia Carter, a George Washington University graduate now studying law at Duke University. Looking back on her Spring 2010 semester in Aix, Sophia discusses the value of the French language, teaching English in France and her favorite memories from her AUCP Study Abroad experience.

Taking on Mont Sainte Victoire

A small group of AUCP students, their language partners and AUCP Culture and Business of French Wines professor Joël Corre took advantage of the beautiful weather – 75°F mid October – and hiked the majestic Mont Sainte Victoire mountain last weekend. The day, in photos, here!