Les Calanques of Cassis

Les Calanques of Cassis

AUCP students took advantage of some perfect Provençal weather, visiting the Mediterranean beach town of Cassis last Saturday on a visit led by their French language partners. Language partners are an integral part of the AUCP French Practicum, allowing AUCP students to meet and spend time with French university students.

AUCP Summer Student Excursion Cassis

An old chateau-fort dating back to the 14th century overlooks Cassis, a picturesque fishing port famous for its calanques. These impressive coastal rock formations contrast with the vibrant blue sea, forming narrow inlets perfect for diving, fishing and swimming.

The group visited the harbor, explored streets and shops and picnicked at the beach. In the afternoon,a boat took AUCP students and their language partners along the coastline and into the calanques so they could get an up-close view of these natural wonders.

AUCP Summer Students Excursion Cassis

Les Calanques de Cassis

« Cassis was absolutely gorgeous, » said one of our AUCP Summer students from Yale. « I really enjoyed sharing the day with our new language partners. We got to know them a lot better and plus, it really helped me improve my everyday French. The water and weather were perfect too! »

Student-led excursions like these are just another facet of the language exchange, which often goes above and beyond a simple routine weekly conversation. Summer students have three more full-day excursions over the course of the program, where they will explore other neighboring areas of Provence.

10452389_10152227708167875_2281395898105425048_n AUCP Student Excursion Cassis

AUCP Student Excursion Cassis

Check back soon for more updates on our Summer student adventures!