It’s Winter Break! Where Are AUCP Study Abroad Students?

It’s Winter Break! Where Are AUCP Study Abroad Students?

The AUCP encourages students to use their weekends as yet another way to immerse themselves in their French host community. It’s an important way of making Aix and Marseille truly feel like home, and to multiply the opportunities for meeting French locals and creating lasting relationships. But that doesn’t mean AUCP students don’t travel – au contraire! Spring AUCP students get two breaks for travel during their semester abroad: a week-long Winter break, right now, and a second two-week long Spring break mid-April.

This week, AUCP students are scattered throughout Europe: each dot on the map above represents an AUCP student’s travel destination. Stockholm, Amsterdam, London & Barcelona, Bordeaux, Rome, Naples and more…one student is even going skiing in the Alps with her French host family!

Centrally located Aix & Marseille give students numerous options for low-cost travel. Unlike most airports associated with low-cost airlines – often quite far from city centers, Marseille-Provence Airport is just twenty minutes away from Aix & Marseille by shuttle. The airport caters to well-known budget airlines such as RyanAir, EasyJet, German Wings and Hop!, as well as most of the major airline companies such as British Airways, Lufthansa, and Air France.

Just fifteen minutes away by shuttle, the TGV high-speed train station gives students easy access to Paris, Lyon, Avignon and other cities in France, with tickets as low as 15€ each way for Paris, and even 8€ for Lyon! The extensive bus system spreads across the region, allowing students to discover the French Riviera and the rest of Southern France. Carpooling networks such as BlaBlaCar can help students on a budget get from point A to point B with a just a small contribution for gas money, sometimes creating an opportunity for making new friends in the process.

In terms of accomodations, to each his own. Some students are staying in hotels, others in hostels, and still others in rented apartments. Some are even couchsurfing.

Below, a sneak peek in pictures of AUCP students out and about this week: At a chateau in Chambord, France, riding camels in the Sahara Desert, goofing off in Dublin, admiring the French Riviera in Nice, and sightseeing in Prague & London!

Happy travels and bon voyage!