Can Learning French Change Your Life?

Can Learning French Change Your Life?

We know it’s true: students find themselves increasingly pushed towards learning skills and taking classes that are tailor-made for today’s job market. Study of foreign languages often comes in lower priority, behind subjects such as financial accounting, marketing and business administration. Because everyone speaks English, so that’s enough right? Right? WRONG.

What if we told you that learning French was actually worth every minute, and in more ways than one?

At the AUCP, we’re committed to foreign language fluency, and that’s why, in celebration of the Semaine de la Francophonie, we’re launching a series of blog posts highlighting why learning a foreign language is simply a necessity in today’s world. From increased earning power, personal fulfillment, international communication, job marketability and cognitive superiority, French fluency gives students a leg up in today’s competitive global world.

Today’s statistics show that there are almost 300 million French speakers worldwide, and you could be one of them!


Over the next four weeks, we’ll share with you:

1. How Learning French Can Make You Measurably Smarter

This week, we’ll be sharing how learning French can literally increase your test scores, make you better at problem-solving, and stave off old age. Click here to learn more!

2. How Learning French Can Get You Your Dream Job

Today’s job market is no cake walk. Having international experience and speaking French gives you a valuable leg up – next week’s article will give you the research to support it.

3. How Learning French Can Make You More Money

Want a leg-up when negotiating your first salary? Speaking French can help. In two weeks, we tell you just by how much the French bonus is!

4. How Learning French Can Make You a Better Person

Language proficiency is proven to improve your emotional intelligence – which is one of the key factors in predicting a successful life.


We’re excited to share this with you, so be sure to check back over the course of the next few weeks! Find out how French can make you smarter, here!