How Do You Say ‘Happy New Year’ in French?

How Do You Say ‘Happy New Year’ in French?

Bonne Année!  The AUCP wishes you a very Happy New Year!

For the occasion, here are a few New Year-related vocabulary words and phrases:

le nouvel an – New Year

le réveillon – New Year’s Eve

les bonnes résolutions – good resolutions (for the New Year)

les feux d’artifices – fireworks

le décompte – the countdown

deux mille quinze – two thousand fifteen

Meilleurs Voeux – Best Wishes (for the holidays)

Bonne Année – Happy New Year!

The French usually wish one another Bonne Année, but they also add on Bonne Santé (to good health). And, wishing someone Happy New Year is not only for January 1st! In France, you can count on hearing people wish one another « Bonne Année, Bonne Santé, » until the end of January; technically, you should say it once to those you have not spoken with since January 1st.

So to all AUCP Le Blog readers, Bonne Année 2015 & Bonne Santé!

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