Au revoir et Merci !

Au revoir et Merci !

On the occasion of our closing, the AUCP has many thank-you’s to extend. After 22 years of commitment to what we proudly consider the establishment of land-mark standards of student learning in international education, it is time to express our profound gratitude to the many, many people and institutions who have contributed each in their way to the documented success of AUCP programs.

First, of course, thank you to the hundreds of students who chose the AUCP and its unique vision of international education. It’s hard to express what a pleasure it was to witness your willingness to engage in the building of local friendships and to recognize your personal growth and academic achievement. You will impact the world just by being who you are … ever able to perceive difference with fascination and respect. We’re honored to claim many of you as dear friends to this day.

Thank you to the numerous French professors and colleagues in the international programs office of the 148 colleges and universities who entrusted us with their students.Especially at the beginning, many of you courageously followed your instincts and took a chance on this small, then unknown, « boutique » program determined to implement an ambitious new way of thinking about cultural immersion and the accountability ofstudent-learning outcomes. Thirty or so schools have been our loyal partners over the years, providing the student-numbers that kept the AUCP alive and thriving. You know who you are, and I hope our friendship will endure, well beyond the context of study abroad.

Thank you to the professionals in the field who have recognized, through their research and other academic writing, the special quality of the AUCP experiment in overseas learning. A simple on-line search will give a sense of the numerous articles and books in which researchers have acknowledged the unparalleled achievement of AUCP students and documented program components such as the French Practicum core course and our tracking of student learning outcomes in culture and language learning using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and the Test d’évaluation du français (TEF).

Thank you to John Engle, the AUCP co-founder, whose prior frustrations with study abroad inspired a dramatically new and balanced vision which shaped our initial mission and purpose.

Thank you to the dozens of devoted faculty members and staff who put their talent at the service of our students and partners. The AUCP has been blessed by a group of individuals who, believing wholeheartedly in a shared vision, made that vision a reality.

And finally, special, personal thank you’s to Mick Vandeberg, for his constant friendship and precious support, to Milton Bennett, for his brilliant scholarship and inspiration, to Brian Whalen for the communication opportunities created via the Forum on Education Abroad and Frontiers.

Thank you all again du fond du coeur. Please do stay in touch.

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Lilli Engle, President & Co-founder