Giving Back

Alyssa, a George Washington University student, donated time preparing broadcasts at Radio Gazelle, a community radio station in Marseille. Meghan, from Grinnell, made French bread for the needy at the non-profit organization Pain et Partage. Katherine, from John Hopkins, was involved in fund-raising activities at the French Red Cross

All AUCP advanced French immersion students provide weekly community service in the interest of one of the many local non-profit organizations. After an introductory interview designed to better understand each student’s specific skills and areas of interest, the AUCP administration helps them choose amongst the many available opportunities. From helping North African students prepare their entrance exams to l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques, to providing conversation and companionship to the elderly, students are expected to provide at least two hours of their time and caring weekly.

« I went into my community service expecting to help immigrant women in Marseille. I soon came to realize that community service is both my service to the community and their service to me. Everyone learned something from the others there and it was a life changing experience. »

Susanna Rempel, Scripps College

The AUCP community service requirement is part of « French Practicum » which is the cornerstone of all AUCP advanced French immersion programs. French Practicum consists of academic course work combined with experiential learning components (individual homestay, language partner, personal interest activity, community service…). It provides students with multiple opportunities for natural linguistic and cultural engagement & exchange, as well as a forum for « cultural mentoring », designed to facilitate learning through guided reflection on the students’ cultural experiences.