FAQ: How Do I Fill Out A French Visa Application?

FAQ: How Do I Fill Out A French Visa Application?

Ah, applying for a French visa.

Right now, Spring 2015 students are busy preparing for their visa appointments. One of the essential elements of the application is the Demande de Visa pour un Long Séjour ( French visa application), the main document that you need to get a French visa for your study abroad. French bureaucracy is very well known for its red tape, so it’s important to get it right on the first try.

In the example form below, the answers are in red to make them easier to read, but only use blue or black pen when filling it out. You can download the document off of most French consulate websites.

Things to keep in mind:

  • French dates are written in the following format jj (jour/day) – mm(mois/ month) – aa(an or year). This is most important in fields 4, 14, 15 & 26.
  • Field 22, Employeur. This is where you indicate your home university.
  • Fields 24,25, Adresses en France. For administrative purposes, your address in France is the AUCP. Use the address of the AUCP for both fields.
  • Field 29, Quels seront vos moyens d’existence en France. Here, you indicate that your parents will be supporting you abroad – if this is the case. In French: « Mes parents s’engagent à prendre en charge les frais de mon séjour. » This is just to reassure the visa services that you will not be asking for government aid while abroad.

You may use the form below as a guide to fill out your own form, which is available in English or in French, depending on the consulate you go to. We’ve filled it out in French for you, here.  Take a look!


Visa Page 1


Visa Page 2Once your visa application form is filled out, read it over to make sure that it’s legible and that you haven’t made any mistakes. Before your visa appointment, make sure to double and triple check the list of documents that your consulate asks for, as different consulates may ask for slightly different elements. Don’t forget to bring the appropriate number of photocopies of everything to your visa appointment! Consulates do not make photocopies. And last of all, good luck! You’re one step closer to your semester abroad.

Did that help? Does it make visa applications seem clearer? If you’re an AUCP student currently applying and you have any questions, drop us a line!! We’re happy to help. Thanks Twenty in Paris for the inspiration!