Ever Dreamed of Rock Climbing in Provence?

Ever Dreamed of Rock Climbing in Provence?

Students of AUCP advanced French-immersion programs don’t just study the language, they live with and like the French. That includes participating in a weekly activity – whether it be rock climbing, playing soccer, singing in a choir or belly-dancing.

Spring student Maureen was able to follow her passion while abroad. President of the Outdoor Club at Scripps University and lover of mountaineering and rock climbing, Maureen had no intention of putting her favorite activity on hold while abroad. Maureen cultivated real affinities with her AUCP language partner, Côme, a student at the nearby engineering university, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers. Côme, also an avid rock climber, was the perfect person to show Maureen the ropes!

Maureen shares:

I came to the AUCP with my climbing shoes – mes chaussons – and my harness – mon baudrier. My language partner Côme, his friends and I rock climb at least twice a week after class en salle, at a local rock climbing club that is a twenty-minute bus ride away. Often though, we carpool together. Côme and his friends go rock climbing outdoors nearly every weekend: we’ve been to the Calanques and the Mont Sainte Victoire.  I actually ended up rock climbing more here than in the US, mostly because the group of friends here are more into rock climbing.

Côme had a really difficult English exam to prepare and so we often ate lunch together « in English ». But, as soon as we went out climbing we spoke all in French. Spending so much time with my French friends, I obviously learned a lot French slang and climbing vocabulary. It’s been a really great experience.

 Photos of Maureen & friends below (on a rather difficult route, as you can see!)

Do you love rock climbing too? Or are you passionate about something else that you want to continue abroad? The AUCP personal interest activity is a way to keep doing what you love while abroad, in French and with the French. For more about Personal Interest Activities, check out related posts on the blog, here.