C’est La Rentrée!

C’est La Rentrée!

Back to school! The rentrée, or the period « back to school » following the summer vacation, was a busy one for our AUCP students.  Students met their language partners, visited the villages of the Lubéron, tested all of their classes, and started exploring options for their clubs!

The language partner soirée was a great success! After a first week of orientation, AUCP-ers met with their French language partners on Friday evening.  More than fifty French students from local universities such as Les Arts et Métiers – an engineering school, IAU – a management school and the Aix-Marseille Université, convened in the garden to meet their AUCP counterparts. Each American student had the opportunity to pair up with one, two or even three French students!  After introductions, the French language partners took the lead for an evening together in town. Whether out to a restaurant in small groups or just one on one discussions at a quiet café, the evening got off to a great start. Students have already started setting up meetings with their language partners for the upcoming weeks. Here’s to making new friends!

On Saturday morning, AUCP Aix and AUCP Marseille came together to explore the Lubéron, a region of Provençal hilltop villages made famous by Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence. Bonnieux, Lourmarin and the ocre quarries of Roussillon, all were a delight for the eyes. The sun was out, the sky was bright blue, and students got a taste of the Provençal indian summer. 

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This week was full of activity too. Students were able to try out all AUCP classes, before making their final course selections. When choosing between courses such as « Introduction to French Cinema », « The Culture and Business of French Wine » and « Immigrant Identities in France, » the choice certainly isn’t easy! Students are also beginning to review options for their travail bénévole, the community service aspect of the AUCP French Practicum, as well as their personal interest activity, or club membership possibilities. While the AUCP provides an extensive list of activites and community service opportunities for students, students also come to us with activities and associations that they have found themselves! It’s a great way for students to continue to be involved in activites that they love to do back home, all while improving their French and integrating themselves in the local community.

All in all, lots to do, but it’s a great and busy start to this Fall semester. A bientôt on Le Blog for more news for our Fall students!

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All photos from AUCP student photographers : Wes, Julia & Sarah! Merci!!