Baba Ghannouj for Thanksgiving?! Of course!

Baba Ghannouj for Thanksgiving?! Of course!

In the chaos of the Syrian conflict, one positive event will stand out.
Students of the American University Center of Provence will use the celebration of Thanksgiving to honor and pay tribute to the forgotten but rich Syrian culture.

Syrian Thanksgiving

Traditional Arabic fattoush salad

Traditional Arabic fattoush salad

It is within the framework of the AUCP curriculum « Marseille, Gateway to Mediterranean » resolutely open to other cultures that emerged the idea of an extraordinary Thanksgiving.

The students, guided by their Arabic teacher, Samar Damlakhi, a native of Alep where so much of the recent fighting against ISIS has occurred, wished to highlight the richness of Syrian culture through its culinary art.  Moment of sharing “par excellence”, Thanksgiving seemed to be the ideal rendez-vous to discover, cook and enjoy together different specialties.

On November 26th, the traditional Thanksgiving fare for an American — stuffed turkey, the cranberry sauce, the sweet potato puree and the pecan pie — will be replaced by Baba Ghannouj, Samboussak, Maloubeh … and Atayef  prepared by the teacher for her students.


Discover the details of this special Syrian Thanksgiving:

Baba- Ghannouj

Baba- Ghannouj




Amar el ddine


Cold Mezzeh 




Baba- Ghannouj


Hot Mezzeh




Main course




Rice Pudding