Art, Cinema & Theater Students Show Off Their Talents – in French!

Art, Cinema & Theater Students Show Off Their Talents – in French!

Tuesday evening, AUCP Art, Cinema & Theater students shared their talents with fellow classmates, host families and professors at the AUCP’s Soirée Jeunes Talents.

AUCP art students showed off the drawings, sketches and paintings that they created over the course of the semester under the direction of AUCP Drawing & Painting professor Pamela Morton, while feasting on the traditional Provençal 13 desserts of Christmas and mulled wine.

And, Heather, from Johns Hopkins University, shared her talent as a fire juggler!

Then, for the first time in AUCP history, the cinema class was so inspired by their French cinematic experience that they decided to write, direct and film a short movie in Aix-en-Provence. Bringing to life their interpretation of a typical French film, using  close framing of inanimate objects, long scenes with no dialogue, quintessential French music, characters that love, bicker, break up, smoke and are, well – very French… the film was not only a lovely ode to the city of Aix, but a funny caricature of French cinema.

The theater class put on an adaptation of  « Un petit lexique du théâtre » by author and director Joël Pommerat.  Adapted by AUCP theater professor Jean-Claude Azoulay, the play was an opportunity for students to showcase their thespian talents, and this, tout en français! Students worked on pronunciation, elocution, and put forth an impressive contemporary theatrical performance.

All AUCP classes are given in French – taught by highly qualified and passionate local experts and tenured professors from the Aix-Marseille Université and from Sciences Po.

Here’s more about the AUCP’s Theater, Cinema and Drawing & Painting classes:

Theater 309: Theater Arts – Performing in French explores the theories and techniques of acting, allowing students to develop their skills at transforming French dramatic texts from the page to the stage. Students cultivate the many-faceted skills necessary to performing and communicating in a second language: body movements, gestures, position in space, relationship to people and objects, breathing, articulation, intonation, pronunciation of French, as well as improvisation & interpretation.

Art 352: Drawing and Painting cultivates the development of visual and aesthetic perception through a variety of approaches and techniques. The class consists of studio sessions combined with outdoor work, site visits, and sketchbook assignments and students work on still life techniques, portraiture and live models in a multitude of media.

French 351: An Introduction to French Cinema focuses on the pivotal moments in the evolution of French cinema. Emphasis on film analysis and the relationship between artistic vision and technical expression. Filmmakers studied include Tati, Godard, Truffaut, Blier and Kassovitz.

AUCP courses cover a wide range of subjects: French language and translation, the literature of women or of travel, contemporary issues in French society, cinema, art history, theatre, studio art, and Mediterranean area studies, and all levels ofArabic. Students rise to the challenge thanks to the integration of French-as-a-second language methodology within each professor’s subject matter expertise. For course offerings in Aix and Marseille, visit the Academics section of the AUCP website.