All in French!

All in French!

The 5 Point “All in French » Language Charter is an integral part of the AUCP full-French immersion programs.

1 – I will read, learn and participate in my AUCP courses, all in French.
2 – I will bond with local friends and my AUCP host family, all in French.
3 – I pledge to communicate with my AUCP friends, all in French.
4 – I will explore music, magazines, films, and more, all in French.
5 – I will discover and enjoy new social networks, all in French.

All AUCP  programs are designed to enable and encourage students to improve their French both inside and outside the classroom.

All AUCP courses are taught solely in French. Students are individually placed in French host families who commit to speaking only in French with them, and at the end of their first week of study, AUCP students meet with a specially selected group of French students, leading to friendships and social activities in French with young people their age.

In addition, AUCP students commit to guaranteed language progress by signing a formal language pledge. This five-point language charter is one of the key elements that give our students the best chance at achieving French fluency. And the AUCP commitment pays off: independent testing shows that AUCP students make incredible progress in French.