Aix Outshines Paris!

Aix Outshines Paris!

If you think Paris has the corner on culture in France, then think again. The largest, most renowned Opera Festival in France takes place every summer in Aix-en-Provence. Starting next week, le tout Paris will be making the 3-hour TGV train ride to Aix to enjoy some of world’s finest opera. Often considered the 21st arrondissement of Paris because of its dynamic cultural scene, Aix has been home to the Festival d’Art Lyrique  since 1948. This year, from July 2-24th, Parisians, Aixois, and music lovers from around the world will be sitting side by side in the Théâtre de l’Archevêché, the festival’s emblamatic venue set in the courtyard and fomer garden of the Archibishop’s palace that dates back to the 17th century. Archeveché by night

« Music, poetry, theatre, the visual arts – all the elements that make up the magic of opera – are at the heart of this year’s Festival d’Aix: from a fantastic fable, The Magic Flute, to the journey of the lonely traveller in Winterreise; from the moving fate of the characters in Handel’s Ariodante to the unbridled comedy of Rossini’s Il Turco in Italia… »

Bernard Foccroulle, Director General of the Aix Opera Festival

Aix vs. Paris

Repeatedly voted the favorite city of the French themselves, Aix is an ideal setting for a full-immersion study abroad experience. Unlike Paris, Aix allows students to feel comfortable and at home within a very short time. Intimate yet cosmopolitan, sunny and studious, with a vibrant student population and an active nightlife, Aix offers countless opportunities for rich cultural contacts and lasting friendships. It literally outshines Paris, just about any day of the year!

10 Top Words Students Use to Describe Aix

  1. Sunny
  2. Cosmopolitan
  3. Accessible
  4. Focused
  5. Safe
  6. Artistic
  7. Lively
  8. Cheaper
  9. Intimate
  10. Fun