Above and Beyond Picture Perfect

Above and Beyond Picture Perfect

Last Saturday, AUCP Aix and Marseille students joined together for their first day-long regional excursion and discovered first-hand the architectural harmony of the legendary hilltop villages of Provence. In company of Pamela Morton, artist and art historian, they walked the cobblestone streets of these medieval strongholds, perched high on hilltops and out of reach from the numerous invaders that also coveted this region of France in ancient times.

The villages were so quaint and calm. It felt like walking around in a postcard. But my favorite part of the day was in Roussillon, when we hiked in the ocre quarries. The colors of the ocre were surprising, they almost don’t seem natural. And, we learned that the village was built using the local ocre to color the façades.

It was a sunny day that brought to life all of the romantic images that Provence is made of, and more…

Village perché de Roussillon

Hilltop villages of Provence photo Stefani Kuo

Jardin du Chateau de Lourmarin Stefani Kuo


Tombe d'Albert Camus photo Stefani Kuo

Photo credits : Stefani Kuo, AUCP Aix program participant from Yale