25 Struggles You Face After Studying Abroad in France with the AUCP

25 Struggles You Face After Studying Abroad in France with the AUCP

Everyone who has studied abroad or lived in another country knows that coming home is not always as easy as you think it’ll be. But coming home after an AUCP semester of full immersion in the French language and culture is a whole ‘nother ball game.

1. Sometimes it’s really hard to speak English.

le tired

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2. That’s right, you’ve forgotten how to speak your native language. It’s globalization, not mondialisation. It’s a traditional French dish, not a typical French plate. Get it together, bilingual brain!


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3. You can’t get your casual glass of wine with lunch, dinner, or well…anything anymore because of the drinking age.

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The never-ending fountain of rouge, blanc et rosé, c’est terminé.

4. In any case, it doesn’t matter because the good French wine is SO expensive. 

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HOW MUCH for a glass of wine?? Oh I miss the days of 1€ wine at Le Petit Cardeur!

5. Jet-lag is le pire.

6. You find yourself wondering if you should be saying “Hello” and « Thank you, goodbye » when you enter or exit a store.

22 Struggles You Face When Returning From Study Abroad
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In France you ALWAYS say bonjour!

7. You also try to pay for things without calculating tax.

22 Struggles You Face When Returning From Study Abroad
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8. You keep finding Euro coins that you just don’t know what to do with. WHY are the little copper ones SO SMALL??

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9. You feel almost awkward with friends you haven’t seen in months…

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10. …because they’ve all changed their majors twice, started new hobbies without you and gotten into new relationships.

22 Struggles You Face When Returning From Study Abroad
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11. The Mediterranean Sea is no longer right next door.

12. You find yourself saying “when I was in France” far too often.

22 Struggles You Face When Returning From Study Abroad
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13. And everytime you see a #tbt from your semester abroad, it’s all #nostalgie #profiter #VousMeManquezTrop  


14. You feel a burning urge to speak French (or let’s be serious, franglais) with everyone around you.

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15. You speak up all the time in French class because it’s the only opportunity you have to speak French.

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And you love it.

16. You wonder about joining the French club.


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Does my school even have a French club? I want to start a French club.

17. You forgot whether you’re supposed to hug, handshake or bise.

19 choses qui peuvent facilement g�cher la journ�e d'un homme

18. Sometimes, you say ciao to say goodbye.

30 Things People From Louisiana Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

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« Um, like, didn’t you go to France, not Italy? »

19. You can’t just take a weekend to visit Paris on a high-speed train anymore.

disappointed animated GIF
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Canada, anyone?

20. You’ll have to readjust to the great American culinary traditions.

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21. And say a fond farewell to la crêpe nutella-banane à 2€.

22. And le kebab. And la pizza frite.

File:Donner Kebab, Cologne, Germany (1057919169).jpg

23. And the bread. OH the bread. The bread here is just NOT.


24. But, while you’ll settle into your routine again soon enough, Provence will always hold a special place in your heart.

25. And hey, the dollar is strong, so why not hop on a plane and come right back?

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