10 Super-Hard French Tongue Twisters

10 Super-Hard French Tongue Twisters

How do you say tongue twister in French? Virelangue, or literally, turn of the tongue!

Some groups of words simply sound silly when spoken. Tongue twisters are funny in and of themselves because they are absurdly hard to say. As in English, virelangues are alliterative – they often start with the same letter..this makes the phrase difficult to say quickly and it ends up sounding like gibberish! For those who are looking to improve their French pronunciation, virelangues are excellent practice. And, best of all, the literal translations are pretty funny. Ready to take on the French virelangue challenge?


Les chaussettes de l’archiduchesse sont-elles sèches?  Archi-sèches ?

Are the archduchess’ socks dry? Really dry?

As-tu vu le tutu de tulle de Lili d’Honolulu?

Have you seen Honoluli Lili’s tulle tutu?

Ce ver vert sévère sait verser ses verres verts.

This strict green worm knows how to pour his green glasses.

Cinq chiens chassent six chats.

Five dogs are chasing six cats.

Didon dîna, dit-on, du dos d’un dodu dindon.

Didon ate, it is said, from the back of a fat turkey.

Je veux et j’exige d’exquises excuses du juge. Du juge, j’exige et je veux d’exquises excuses.

I want and demand excquisite excuses from the judge. From the judge, I want and demand excquisite excuses.

La mule a bu tant qu’elle a pu.

The mule drank as much as he stank.

La pipe au papa du Pape Pie pue.

Pope Pius’ dad’s pipe stinks.

La robe rouge de Rosalie est ravissante.

Rosalie’s red dress is ravishing.

Lily lit le livre dans le lit.

Lily reads the book in the bed.

Natacha n’attacha pas son chat qui s’échappa.

Natasha did not tie up her cat, who escaped.

Seize chaises sèchent.

Sixteen chairs are drying.

Si mon tonton tond ton tonton, ton tonton sera tondu.

If my uncle shaves your uncle, your uncle will be shaved.

Si six scies scient six cyprès, six cents scies scient six cent cyprès.

If six saws saw six cypresses, six hundred saws saw six hundred cypresses.

Tonton, ton thé t’a-t-il ôté ta toux?

Uncle, did your tea take away your cough?

Trois petites truites non cuites trois petites truites crues

Three little uncooked trout, three little raw trout

Ces saucissons-ci sont si secs qu’on ne sait si c’en sont !

These sausages are so dry that we don’t know what they are!

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